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Where Adventure

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Wellness & Play

Think wellness is only meditation, yoga and journaling?

Think again.

At NGiLA-ALiGN we’re serious about play. Blending nature, adventure, and self-discovery for an experience that’s anything but ordinary.

Reconnect and realign while having the time of your life.

From Ibiza-based retreats to empowering coaching, we are a catalyst to a life that's uniquely yours.

Guided by our 7 Pillar Pathway - Purpose, Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, Community, Rest, and Play - we're committed to helping you live a life brimming with balance, connection, and unadulterated joy.


7 Pillar Pathway

Dream Life

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Discover Ibiza, Rediscover You.

Ibiza Experiences

Wrapping up your Ibiza holiday or just need a mid-vacation boost? Our half-day wellness experience is a must-do Ibiza activity, perfect for all.

Discover Ibiza's stunning landscapes and new parts of yourself through a blend of games, deep conversations, and mindful movement. Ignite your creativity, shift perspectives, and shed stress — all in a few hours.

Guided activities help you clarify your life direction and set actionable goals. The experience isn’t complete without our signature 'Nourish in Nature' sensory snack —an organic, mindful moment to elevate your experience.

Perfect for solo travellers, families, or groups—this is your quick Ibiza reset button. Leave revitalized and recharged for the vibrant life you deserve


Retreat to Ibiza

Unleash Your True Self

Ibiza Retreats

Looking for an Ibiza wellness retreat that breaks the mould? You've found it.

Our Ibiza retreats aren't your average self-improvement journeys; they're high-vibe adventures designed for ambitious, community-minded individuals who don't just want to reset—they want to ignite their lives.

Choose from two distinctive retreat experiences: Homestay for solo travellers and intimate groups, or our Community Retreats, where you'll meet like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Either way, you'll get far more than the usual hikes and meditations. We're talking immersive art sessions, deep-dive conversations, life coaching, moonlit dance parties, and game nights that'll have you laughing till dawn.

Our holistic workshops and wellness activities set the foundation for you to reset, reconnect and realign with your desires.

By the time you head home, you'll have a personalized toolkit for achieving a balanced, joy-filled life and goals that make you jump out of bed in the morning.

The Experience

From conscious morning movements to sunset hikes, each day is a holistic adventure. In between, you’ll have free time to explore Ibiza, engage in meaningful conversation or just relax by the beach.

The Cuisine

Expect energizing brunches and nourishing dinners. Inspired by Kurdish and Persian flavours and locally sourced organic produce. We're passionate about food's role in optimal wellness and include workshops and discussions on eating habits.

Our Unique Approach

Rooted in our 7 Life-Force pillars Nutrition, Movement, Rest, Community, Play, Mindset, and Purpose — our retreats offer a holistic roadmap to your dream life. We’ll explore it all so that you can find what resonates, create an action plan and leave empowered to implement wellness your way.

What’s Included

  • Organic, nutritious brunches , dinners & snacks
  • Space to reconnect with self, others and nature
  • Daily practice in meditation, movement & breathwork
  • Holistic life coaching sessions & workshops
  • Guidance and action plan to establish a holistic lifestyle
  • Cooking and cuisine experiences
  • Stunning sunrise and sunset hikes
  • Free time to explore the Island and/or yourself
  • Warm and enriching hospitality and conversation

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Unlock Your Dream Life with Holistic Coaching & Workshops

Coaching & Workshops

Ready to break the cycle and start prioritizing your own needs, health and happiness?

Yearning for more purpose and balance in your everyday life?

Our nature-based and online group coaching propels professionals and entrepreneurs towards a life of fulfilment, energy and joy.

7 Pillars to Transform Your Life

We operate on a holistic framework based on seven pillars: Purpose, Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, Community, Rest, and Play. Drawing from ancient wisdom, scientific insights and diverse coaching methodologies, we empower you to be the architect of your life, so you find happiness and wellness your way.

Your Coaching Experience

In our sessions, we'll explore everything from meditation, movement, nutrition and relationships to purpose, values, goals, and confidence.

Sessions are inclusive and accessible to people of all levels of experience, Whether you're brand new or familiar with these concepts. we’ll explore a variety of practices and tools to find what works for you.

Both Group and one-to-one coaching is available in London and Ibiza or online.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t just coach: we empower. We take pride in creating safe and supportive spaces where you can be yourself, have fun, and grow. We're committed to helping you unlock your full potential and craft the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Don't wait to start living your dream life. Connect with us to apply for coaching today and take the first step toward balance, purpose, and joy.

About Us

We’re an energetic team of compassionate, certified coaches, driven by a life that WE love, fueled by purpose and balance.

We want everyone to embrace the gift of an authentic life - that’s vibrant and flourishing. So we founded NGiLA-AliGN on principles of empowerment, adventure, integrity, and fun, to support your journey to the life you genuinely desire.

We've gained tools to handle life’s challenges whilst grappling with belonging identity, burnout and trauma. But these challenges became our source of strength, fuelling resilience and deep empathy. Now, they inspire us to guide you to truly see yourself while illuminating paths to possibilities.

Anchored in authenticity we don’t pretend to have all the answers. We are continuously learning, growing, and evolving alongside you. Our unique programmes blend coaching with wellness education and accountability, bringing the spirit of community to the forefront.

We discovered magic in the awe-striking beauty of Ibiza, and now, we want to share it with you. Our nature-based experiences nurture growth, through adventure and self-discovery We aim to make it a fun ride, fueled with contagious energy..

We are inspired by the courageous, warrior women in our lives who served their communities selflessly. Their spirit fuels our purpose: to foster a love for learning, growth, wellbeing, and creativity so that you can live a life filled with passion, purpose, and endless possibilities.

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What our clients say

When I started with Ngila-Align I was preparing for some surgery, so I wanted to get my mind and body as healthy as possible to have a good outcome and recover quickly.

Gino worked with me extensively to develop a healthy diet, set goals for me, she helped me start meditating regularly, to go along with a yoga practice and exercise program that I had started. Basically a holistic approach to my entire well being.

I liked the personal touch, I feel she truly cares and is passionate about helping people succeed. She even taught me to make some very tasty and healthy dishes. Also her positivity is contagious, makes you feel you can accomplish anything.

I’m happy to report I’m cured, healthy and still following her advice and regiments. My outlook like theirs is one of positiveness through taking care of your mind and body through types of food we eat, meditating for the mind and exercise and move for the body.

I would highly recommend their team for all the above stated reasons, they will motivate you to be the best person you can be and they care.

Thanks always



When I met Gino the first time in spring 22, I was so happy about her lovely energetic and at the same time soothing energy. The experiences - and we already did several together - were always according to my day's condition. Gino feels when you need a break, want to go for a swim, do some meditation or go for new challenges.

Her guidance is an experience to let go and trust to make lifelong memories!!!

I am very grateful for every experience, every challenge and my total growing with each of them. Body - Spirit - Soul. Gino lives and shares it.


CEO, Germany

My goal was to change my mindset and behavior leading to better health. I wanted to change my diet and incorporate exercise into my everyday life.

I did a very good group workshop with Ngila-Align. Very knowledgeable, kind, involved, good people. The food was fantastic, I appreciated the group work and discussions where we connected, learned about ourselves and each other. I learned to stop, breathe, feel and be present.

After the workshop I have now realised that it is about the whole system (a holistic approach). I have learned how to change my mindset, I understand that only I can change myself and think positively. Negative thoughts are heavy to bear. I have started walking and choosing nutritious food that is good for my health.

I would happily recommend Ngila-Align with pleasure, because they have the whole package of knowledge, good people with credibility, reliability, creativity, discipline, patience, commitment.


Coordinator, Sweden


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